Production base

For making various metallic constructions and ironworks we have our own factory for prefabrication, equipped with all the necessary equipment. We have highly trained staff, certified for execution and fitting::

  • welding technology approved
  • certified welders
  • project welding manager
  • technical lifting equipment manager

The production base is equipped with the following equipments and machinery:

  • production and storage areas ~ 1700 sq m served by two slide bridges of 3.2 t and 5 t
  • Outside storage platform of cca. 3000 sq m
  • professional equipment for gas shielded-arc welding of large capacity
  • digital control cutting table
  • saw with band of 100 mm-700 mm
  • lathes up to Ø 600, millers
  • radial drilling machine with adjustable table
  • 3.5 t piler for 4.5 m height
  • Merlo-Roto with telescopic arm of 17 m, 3.2 t with hook, basket, forks, cup, etc.
  • micro plasma for cutting
  • various hand tools
  • tubes for various technical gases
  • marsh gas and compressed air industrial plant
  • equipment for site organization
  • metallic scaffolds

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